Ethical Sourcing


Gems are rare gifts of nature, formed when a precise mix of minerals and trace elements are met with heat, pressure, and a little luck. Gems often speak for themselves—shaped by thousands of years in the earth, followed by a journey from mine-to-market, gems are already seasoned with their own history and vitality before becoming a part of the wearer’s life. For this reason, we believe it is important to pay attention to what you’re wearing and where it came from. 

LALTA is a trusted source for ethically-sourced natural diamonds, colored gemstones and pearls. Our gems are cut from rough stones that we buy with their origin tracked wherever possible. We understand the importance of the environment and are committed to conducting our business with a clear conscience in the most ethically, environmentally, and socially responsible manner possible.

Fair trade principles

We visit or work as close as possible to the mines and pearl farms in order to assess labor conditions, and also support and promote women and minority-owned businesses wherever we can. By working closely with miners who live near gem deposits, we foster small-scale and artisanal mining co-ops across the globe that are able to share profits and have access to healthcare and clean water. Our commitment to workers includes fair labor practices as well as a safe and secure workplace.

Commitment to sustainability

LALTA supports grassroot efforts to minimize the impact of mining and processing gems on the environment. For example, we only work with pearl farmers who maintain and/or contribute to the diverse ecosystem that is needed to sustain the environment while producing the finest nacre for pearls. These pearl farmers work within their local communities to build community gardens to stimulate bio-diversity in their regions, and to educate and provide alternative food sources for communities that have historically relied on the sea as their main food source. 

Giving back

Wherever possible, LALTA provides micro-financing to small-scale mining operations to help them protect and restore the biodiversity of their communities. We consult with the communities we work with in order to ascertain how to best support them, so that they are involved in decisions affecting their future. By assisting with funds, our goal is to promote community development, health, and education wherever we do business. 

We believe that integrity and ethics are a gem dealer’s most valuable asset. Our involvement in every step of the process ensures that the joy, protection and healing powers encapsulated in gems remain vital and reach the wearer untarnished. 



Ethically sourced gems