LALTA designs jewels with soul that you can wear and treasure for years to come. Bespoke design services are available for custom estate, engagement and bridal jewelry, and redesigns of family heirlooms. If you love history, crave authenticity and a connection to the past, or seek something you won’t see your friends wearing, we can help.

Production and Manufacturing

Our jewelry is created in high-karat gold or platinum, for private clients, designers, and retailers. Consult with us to design and build your jewelry line; we can also assist in manufacturing your designs.

Wholesale Gems

LALTA stocks an ethically-sourced selection of fine, unusual and rare gems—unique colored stones, exceptional strands, faceted gems, and cabochons. Like magpies, we are drawn to natural materials for their barely audible heartbeat. We appreciate the ‘birthmarks’ in some gemstones, and also adore unusual materials formed and shaped by thousands of years in the earth such as exotic minerals and fossils. We are partial to stones with an array of colors such as diamonds, tourmalines, sapphires, and spinel. We love antique cuts and offer a wide variety of rose-cuts as well as cushion, old mine, and old European cuts.


A jewelry appraisal—a seemingly innocuous piece of paper—is worth more than its weight in gold, but only if prepared by a trained professional. Trained and certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), LALTA can help evaluate the condition and market appeal of a piece of jewelry or gemstone, and assist in identifying synthetics and gemstone treatments. Appraisals should be updated regularly to truly reflect replacement values.